Tonerico is a group of professionals who aim to solve social problems and improve people’s quality of life through business.
We are committed to creating positive social impact by creating our own businesses and taking investment risks in them.

Investment Cases

Manila traffic jam

Traffic congestion in Manila by mobility sharing app,
Autonomous driving technology and DX.


Building a new model local city in Japan
with Off-Grid and Basic infra systems.

Setouchi works

Setouchi Works Co., Ltd.
Woman doing yoga in nature

To Extend people’s Healthy Lifespan
by new style Wellness and Fitness combination.

Collecting marine plastic waste
and reuse them to create a product and art.

Clean up marine plastic


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Takao Uesawa

Born in Osaka. Graduated from Doshisha University. Moved to the Philippines alone in 2012 and founded DMM English Conversation in 2013. After that, he established bases in the Balkan Peninsula such as Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in seven years he will grow into one of the world’s largest English learning platforms with 10,000 instructors and more than 70,000 paying members in 128 countries around the world. After spending eight years traveling around the world every day and traveling around the globe more than four times each year, he retired as CEO in 2021 and became a senior advisor.
Utilizing the experience of creating Japan’s largest subscription business from scratch, he newly founded Subscription Technologies.
We have launched joint ventures utilizing subscriptions with leading companies and local governments in various fields such as professional sports, wellness, renewable energy, and education.

Kenichi Hiraoka

Kenichi Hiraoka is the co-founder of Tonerico Pte. Ltd., an investment company aspiring to improve people’s quality of life through social impact investing. While Tonerico provides financial and managerial support to business owners, its affiliated company, Subscription Technologies Inc., handles marketing strategies. He is also the co-founder and the CMO of SubTech.Kenichi has over 14 years of experience in providing marketing consultations to major companies, both domestic and international. He has worked as the CMO at Cyolab Pte. Ltd., an offshore company based in Singapore. Prior to Cyolab, he was the COO of Axis Co. Ltd., an IT Company based in Tokyo.Kenichi started his career as a developer in Toshiba right after graduating from Doshisha University. He then established his very first digital marketing company, Chimeraworks Co. Ltd., while commuting to work between Shizuoka and Tokyo in 2007. In 2020, he set up his second digital marketing company, A Marketing LLC, where he established a system that provides full support from product development to sales promotion.

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Tomokazu Saito

Tomokazu Saito is a Japanese lawyer, who is the founder of LAB-01 Law Office in Tokyo. As a legal and business professional, he has provided legal assistance for startups in years, promoting business collaborations among corporations with diverse cultures and backgrounds as well as contributing to make AI and data policies of METI of Japan. Prior to LAB-01, Tomokazu worked as a legal counsel for Preferred Networks, Inc., a Tokyo-based tech unicorn, and was also engaged in business planning for Mercari, Inc., a growing Japan-originated EC company. Tomokazu holds a MSc (Economics) from Purdue University, a MPP from UC Berkeley, a JD from Keio University's Law School (Japan), and a BA (Cultural Anthropology) from Tohoku University (Japan). Tomokazu is honored to be one of the 2013 Fulbright Fellowship grantees.

Hima Furuta

Born in Tokyo. Dropped out of Keio University. He is involved in numerous regional production and corporate branding such as "Marunouchi Morning University" in Marunouchi, Tokyo. He will create a system that connects cities and regions, Japan and overseas, such as the agricultural experiment restaurant "Roppongi Farm", the "Peace Kitchen Project" that connects Japanese food to the world, and the inn "UDON HOUSE". Currently, he also serves as a director of an express bus WILLER Co., Ltd., a crowdfunding service CAMPFIRE., a renewable energy natural power company / advisor, and a medical corporation, which invests in entrepreneurship for regional and social change.

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